I love scribbling, painting scenes that catch my eye and ideas/memories that move me. I love painting folk art angels, mermaids,seascapes,flora and fauna and musical instruments. I am a self-taught artist living in Orange County, California. I am also an Interior Designer. I graduated with Degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. I have been painting for almost 12 years as a hobby. Then i started giving them as gifts for birthdays,weddings and different occasions. As a Designer, some of my artwork has been used as accessories for my client’s houses, stores and offices. I started posting my work online a few years ago, and was lucky to get buyers and orders. I like using joyful, whimsical colors. It adds fun and pleasure in my paintings. In fact, the most common comment I hear regarding my work is that my artwork just makes people smile. I have also been commissioned to do various paintings as gifts and to add to one’s personal collections. I have sold my art all over the world. I am a member of United Folk Artists. I accept custom-made paintings. Send me an email at prisarts@aol.com for pricing.



if you are pinning, blogging or showing in other ways any of my work, don’t forget to credit. Please respect the love and soul that artists  put into their work:)